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Artists I discovered online- Inspiration and analysis'

Carsten Witte

I really love this work by Carsten Witte, I made a collage out of my favorite images of his to put on my blog. Carsten Witte is a Hamburg based contemporary photographer, he was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1964, he studied at Bielefeld school of photography.
These photographs are from a series called 'Intuition'. I like them because of the contrast between the soft and beautiful portraits of the young women against the harsh skulls making them.
Quote from Carsten Witte:
"One main idea behind my work is the belief that everything is constantly changing but photography can preserve the moment. Beauty is almost nothing without the knowledge of how fast it will fade"-Quote sourced from 'Behance'.

James Griffioen

Feral houses-James Griffieon 2006

James Griffieon was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1977, he studied at Western Michigan university, Trinity college Dublin and The University of Michigan. After practising law in San Francisco 2006, he moved back to Detroit with his family.
James Griffieon is an American writer and photographer. He currently works and lives in Detroit, Michigan. His best known work is his photographs of Detroit, Michigan, his work appears in:
-Harper's magazine
-Vice magazine
-The Baffler
-Landscape Architecture magazine
-CS interiors
-New York magazine
-Boing Boing
-The New

This photograph is one of many from his 'Feral houses' collection that he started in 2006 when he moved back to Michigan with his family to be a stay at home father.
I like this photograph because it shows the decay and crumbling of the house and it links to our exam title (outside inside in-between) as the trees that are usual found outside are beginning to grow into the house.

Jasper James 

I put together a few of his pieces of work as I couldn't choose my favorite. He is a China based photographer, he works and lives in Beijing and Shanghai, he has lived and worked in New York, London and Beijing.
His photographs consist of
-Corporate work
 His methods include portraits, travel, interiors and concept driven works.
He has worked with:
-British airways
-Marks and Spencer
-Telegraph magazine
-Vanity fair
and many more.
I like his work because I would also like to experiment with double exposures both digitally and in the darkroom.

Lindsey Bessanon

Steampunk by Lindsey Bessanon
An Arizona artist, creating intricate pieces of art comparing the delicacy of insects with the delicacy of mechanical gears.
She creates these by freeze drying insects and she then takes them apart strengthening each joint with metal and then putting them back together again.
She buys the already dead bugs from Ebay and specialist entomologist sites as she doesn't have the heard to kill them herself.
Her work is very controversial. She started off with casting the bugs in silver but after being dissatisfied with the lack of possibilities with the material, she decided to use the actual insect saying that it was prettier.
Quote from Lindsey Bessanon
"I had a purple dung beetle with a beautiful colour" "When I cast it in silver I lost the beauty of the bug"
Here she talks about her decision to change from casting the bug to using the actual bug.
I find her work very interesting and intriguing, looking at her work bring up a lot of questions such as, why would anyone want to do this?

Rebecca Glover

Flat 51, A space invader-Rebecca Glover 2012
Rebecca Glover is a British artist who works in several mediums but she is best known for her striking instillations. 
Quote by Rebecca Glover
"I had an idea to create a sculpture that broke through the space and played with this idea that there's something latent in the walls; playing around with what lies beyond what you can see"
She studied at Edinburgh college of art, Scotland.
She is currently a tutor at Central Saint Martins college of art and design, University of the arts, London. 
This was her first solo show outside of London.

Richard Koenig

Inserts-Richard Koenig

He was born in 1960, he is a contemporary artist.
Studied at Pratt institute receiving his BFA and Indiana University receiving his MTF, he began teaching art and photography courses at Kalamazoo college, Michigan.
I found it difficult to find any/much information about this artist but I like his work and I would like to experiment with this technique. 

Sarah Illenburger

Sarah Illenburger was born in 1976 in Munich, She attended Chelsea college in 1998 and Central Saint Martins in 2000. 
Collages made from canned meat. Her work is mostly handmade and always has a humerus tone to it. This piece was very controversial at the time of its creation because of the outbreak of Swine flu. She currently lives and works in Berlin, she mostly works alone but occasionally teams up with a photographer.
Quote from her website
"Far from diverse" 

Tim Walker

Tim Walker is a London based photographer who's work appears in vogue monthly and has done for over a decade.
His love of Tim Burton shows through his work and has been described as "Fairytale motifs".

Brad Carlile

Brad Carlilr is a fine art photogrpaher, he lives and works in Portland Oregon and New York (East Village).
Quote's by Brad Carlile
"Tempus Incognitos  is my series of large scale photographs depicting hotel rooms in which time and space fade into one another and there is no clear sense of place. These images challenge our intuition about time itself and pique our curiosity about the stories held within those walls. Think Edward Hopper interiors awash in James Terrell colours with David Lynch directing.
"Tempus Incognitos" records the day's transitional times and shows them existing concurrently. The Cubists painted individual scenes from several different perspectives at once. In this series, I photograph individual rooms at several different times of day from a single perspective. 
The intense colours created by this time-intensive non-digital technique. To maintain the essential ties to reality all work is done in-camera and on-film with no digital creation or digital manipulation.

Davis Ayer

Work's and lives in Los Angeles CA.
Editorial, portraiture and fashion photography.
Couldn't find any other information. 

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